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Greater Impact, Higher Income and Pure JOY!

The freelance economy as we know is transforming. 

The biggest problem when you freelance is the great unknown. Or should that be unknowns, plural?

But you are a FREELANCE GIRL because you:

Value Independency




Your work doesn't allow you for unlimited:






It's tiring, it's hard and it can get lonely...

Let us take care of you for once! 


Freelancing Girls is a professional community for experienced freelancers girls who want to:

1. Make more money, 

2. Be more motivated, 

2. Connect with freelance girls and

3. Inspire others.

Our community is for you if you:

1. ARE EXPERIENCED FREELANCER. If you are an established freelancer (at least one year in biz) and you KNOW you can help your clients with your skills and experience.

2. LOOK FOR  QUALITY TRAINING. Want to grow skills in sales, lead generation, and getting clients.

3. LOOK FOR MENTORSHIP AND WANT TO CONNECT WITH GIRLS FOR REAL. Want to connect with other peers who struggle with the same thing.

4. WANT TO INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE. Want to share your expertise and great tips with others and feel you can give back to this wonderful community.

Why should you join us?

OK, don't freak out but I am reading your mind now. You think...

“What the heck am I going to get for joining? There are plenty of communities out there!".

Fair enough. 

There are Facebook Groups. Instagram and LinkedIn Groups. 

They are social media. Social media is about fighting for attention.

I talk at you, you talk at me. No one is talking to each other. 

At Freelancing Girls we connect for real, we listen and we support and we GROW FREELANCE BUSINESS TOGETHER.


  1. Get exclusive content about the freelance business you can't find on Google. Finally get answers to your questions about pricing, clients, and marketing.
  2. Find business strategies for getting clients and selling that worked for others. Analyze them, change them as you want, and apply them to your business.
  3. Meet people who can relate to your situation as a self-employed freelancer. You will connect with people who do the same things, or who care about the same topics.
  4. Find a little inspiration and make better, more well-informed decisions about your freelance business thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day. 
  5. Have an impact. Actively contribute to the community we're building online and in real life so that together we can have a positive impact on the Freelance Economy and our freelance lifestyle.


Peer support

  • ⚒️ Workshops where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the brilliant minds in this community.
  • ☕ Action Café – our bi-weekly virtual co-working session where you can co-work remotely with fellow members and get the important stuff done.
  • 🗞️ Weekly news about freelancing themed conversations with fellow members on key topics such as how to get your business online
  • 🙋‍♀️ Direct connection to freelancers from around the world.


  • 🧠 A growing library of resources that you can use to improve your daily freelance work.
  • 🎓 Online classes and mini-courses – from marketing and sales to mindset and freelance trends
  • 📘 Recommended reads & listens where we curate the top books and podcasts to help you on your entrepreneurial journey
  • 📺 Live Q&As with Ania Krol - The Freelance Coach and many other leaders in the freelance industry


  • ▶️ Regular webinars with special guests and thought leaders
  • 〽️ Member discounts on 1:1 coaching with Ania Krol - The Freelance Coach and online courses
  • 💸 Exclusive tips about sales, lead generation, trends
  • 💯 Q/A Sessions where you can get book free time with any of our wonderful mentors

It's time you had a community that lifts you up!!!

 Discussions that matter. 

 Privacy is important. None of your information can be shared outside of the community, so you can express yourself openly, without the fear of your posts being shared.

 No Ads. No spam. No fake news. Just plain old connection with other freelancers just like you!

 No algorithms. YOU choose what you want to see. Curate your own feed. Follow topics and members who resonate with you the most.

 Access to a community of like-minded peers.

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